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Justified is back! Woot! Also I have an ep of Castle I need to watch.

Here, have a 1950s swimsuit -

Swimsuit Look Magazine May 1955
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So, you know, Thanksgiving and stuff. Husband had a massive ear infection, rendering him temporarily deaf in his left ear and requiring drops and antibiotics. It was a very quiet few days and I was a little bored from time to time but mostly fine.

Have ended up in the comic book shop for the first time since the mid-90s when I was buying every damn X-book there was. What drew me back? Hawkeye, which is funny since although I'm clearly (clearly!) a fan of his in the movieverse, I have absolutely no Avengers comic book knowledge and have no appreciation for comic book Clint Barton, who I suspect is pretty different from movieverse Clint. (No idea why I think this - possibly browsing scans on Tumblr). What lured me in was the look of the book itself - the art, the coloring, the gorgeous limited palette. It's just so lovely and cool toned and I want to immerse myself. Comic book people can tell me if Kate Bishop is as awesome as she seems - I got very attached to her very quickly. Although I don't think I'll end up back in the comics world again, even if it's just an excuse to pet the comic book store's three immense cats.

Going back to the old homestead for Christmas. Excited. Fretting about money, though. I swear to god, I don't waste money on much, but I am hopeless in the grocery store. I can resist clothes or music or makeup or going to the movies, but I will by god pick up food I don't need just because I want it at that particular moment. I need to get a grip on myself.
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So this has nothing to do with the rampant over-sharing I regularly do on here. In fact, this isn't really a problem, it's just a thing I'm thinking about in that vaguely-irritated-but-not-really sense.

So I buy old magazines, the 1960s and before. As you do. And I scan fun advertisements and share them on Flickr and post them to an LJ vintage ads group, and occasionally put them up on Tumblr, etc. As you do. I make no claims of copyright over them, because I don't have that right. And most people who see them and want to put them on a website do the polite thing and do the link back and yadda yadda. So it's annoying to see one of your own scans posted with a link back to somebody else's Flickr page, and follow that link to find a few other scans you did there in the same photostream (because they were kinda crappy scans to begin with and so easily identifiable) and then the other person has slapped a copyright symbol on them. Probably the default setting, but it gets on my nerves a little bit. Welcome to the internet, you must be new here, blah blah. Still ticked me off a tad.

So that's it, actually. A minor gripe about something that no doubt goes on all the time and this time I happened to see it. So thanks for listening, and have two Hostess ads, from 1928 and 1930.

No wonder tea guests are frankly amazed to hear that cakes like these are bought at a grocers )

Cake doesn't have to be homemade to be good, Mrs. Hale finds )

1966 style

Apr. 30th, 2012 03:30 pm
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Tom and Lorenzo have made the point recently in one of their Mad Style posts (which specifically dissect Mad Men's clothing choices and how they serve the story) that:

"It was a quirk of mid- late 1960s women’s styles – and you could have a field day postulating as to why; many others already have – that they were largely infantilized; like this schoolgirl dress, sporting naive detailing like bold sash details and big buttons. She could add some brightly colored hosiery and a pair of Mary Janes and be wearing something perfectly fashionable for an 8-year-old and a 25-year-old at the same time."

I was flipping through some of my images from a 1966 Spiegel catalog, and boy, ain't that the truth.

big buttons and borders and bows )
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It's always lovely when the morning brings unexpected family drama, and it's even lovelier when you're the one who inadvertently triggers it. The Facebook "share" button can be a tricksy thing. Thankfully, it's mostly died down, but I suppose it's useful information to know that you're never too old to feel like a hurt little kid. Blast my father and his overwhelming cowardice anyhow.

In other news, I have a three-day weekend to look forward to, which is pretty awesome. And today we had tres leches cake to celebrate a birthday. And I got to see some proofs for an upcoming catalogue that I had some participation in, and it looks pretty darn cool. And my sister and I hashed out a food plan to start getting our respective crazypants eating under some sort of control. And I earned a little money by doing some ad hoc photo research for a London publishing house, very unexpectedly.

Since I had a bowl of the competition this afternoon, have an 1930 ad for Heinz spaghetti inna can.

Heinz cooked Spahhetti ad 1930
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No, seriously. Let's go.

See Italy First 1957
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Gourmet Magazine seemed to thrive on ads for booze, boy howdy. So of course, you have to learn how to use all that good are some drink recipes from a 1959 issue. Trader Vic's, ahoy!

Flour Rum Song 1 1959

Flour Rum Song 2 1959
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From a 1968 tourist/new-to-the-city brochure:

Tele Sec temp services
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I have to get work done, pull art from the vaults, and do epic battle with the insurance company. Here, have a scan from my newest purchase, which indicates that we as a society have made some small progress in that you can no longer buy a monkey from a Spiegel catalog.

(If you still can, for the love of god, don't tell me.)

Spiegel 1963 monkeys and mynahs
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Got a super-cheap new find over the weekend.

Spiegel 1963 skirts and jackets
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I wondered why my Flickr stats had exploded recently - turns out the NY Times food blog linked to one of my scans of a Table Talk menu for January, 1912, and then the Redbook bobbing for apples bondage cover has just been launched onto Twitter. I will enjoy the pretty, pretty count totals before my images sink back into the great ocean of the internet and are mostly ignored once again, except for all those students looking for images of Michelangelo's Bacchus and the loyal cross-dressers who come to view my girdles.

Redbook cover Oct 1933, Bobbing for Apples
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I have yet to write up my responses to Perfection Salad, but the book tempted me to go to Ebay and poke around, and I ended up buying two Table Talk magazines from 1908 and 1916 (two bucks for both! Yay!) The magazines are slim little volumes, almost glorified pamphlets, and they're quite entertaining and informative to read. Here are a couple of tidbits from them:

Divorce Yourself From Lard-Cooked Food )

In conclusion, fish pudding do not want dear god no.


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