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Two days, two dogs! Not my dogs, alas, although now is now the time for us to own one.

Yesterday, a visiting gallery owner and art dealer brought her Sheltie with her, a very self-possessed puppy named Chloe who was interested in everything:

Chloe the Sheltie

And today I met one of the two therapy dogs that Bemo's therapist owns. Holly the Bernese Mountain Dog was not there, but the newest, in-training Walter the St. Bernard was:

Walter the St. Bernard

Walter was a formerly emaciated rescue dog who is very happy to lie on your feet and let you scratch his belly. It was a pleasure to meet him.
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Bemo and I met up with some friends in Wilber, NE (The "Czech capitol of America!") for their annual Czech Days Festival. It's a really nice event - one of those small-town things where they're happy to have you there spending your dollars on funnel cakes and touring the tiny museum, but they'd be there anyway, with their giant range of polka bands (from little kiddies to oldsters), dancers (ditto), electing the queen, prince, and princess of the festival, and eating kolaches, the traditional danish/jelly doughnut-esqe pastry that the town is very proud of.

Their little town museum is also a fun place to wander around. It's full of scary department store mannequins dressed in historic costumes, odds and ends that townsfolk have donated, period-rooms-of-a-sort (complete with listening stations consisting of a cd player and headphones), and a woman weaving rag rugs sitting in the storefront.

wilbur 002
A display of wrenches

One of my museum-coworker friends said that it made her feel great and sad at the same time - it was awesome that the townsfolk could come in and point out a dentist chair to their kid and go, "I sat there when I was your age! It was so scary!" But we both feel sad about the fact that nobody there knows how to preserve most of this stuff long-term, and it's deteriorating before everyone's eyes. Generally, these museums are run on a budget of minus five, and have a volunteer staff who love their collection but don't know how to care for it in the slightest. I think there are publications geared towards these sorts of museums, but they may not know about them. Perhaps we could find a way to send them over, but sometimes it doesn't matter if you know how to preserve, for example, a heavily beaded dress (hint - don't let it just hang off a regular hanger and don't pin post-it notes to it with straight pins) if you don't have the storage furniture, staff to store it, money to buy acid-free tissue paper and the training to know how to pad it out carefully, mannequins that will hold it without stress, etc.

surprised stuffed bunny is surprised )

We then went to the Wilbur Hotel and ate duck with dumplings (and sausage with dumplings, and pork with dumplings) and really incredible sauerkraut that I surprised myself by scarfing up with great enthusiasm, and rye bread, and the aforementioned dumplings with were little extruded tubes that looked a lot like string cheese and had gravy on them, and applesauce and onion rings (Bemo insisted) and more kolaches and lemonade.

hot men holding swords from days long ago )

And then we all waddled over (sauerkraut and those dumplings made for a pretty heavy meal) to a nearby quilt show. At this point Bemo and I bid them farewell and headed off to Omaha to look for a dress for me (they apparently went off and found a tank, judging by a photo I just saw on Facebook). I found a dress in Von Maur (a chiffony purpley pretty thing) that will work as my Best Woman dress for mom's upcoming wedding, and I'm glad I found it because I was feeling discouraged about the poor selection of dresses I had been finding up until now. (PS, am feeling discouraged about my weight and my eating habits again, which is funny to say after a description of eating sausage and dumplings, but it's mostly my day-to-day eating that I'm fighting with again, and so am feeling particularly unattractive and not in the best frame of mind to buy a pretty dress.)

And then we bought cat food and dish soap and diet soda and cleaning products because I am going to try and not leave my catsitter a filthy apartment to face. And we came home and did laundry as a giant storm rolled in, all yellow sky and ferocious winds and a few tree branches down in our front yard right as it started, and also the power flickered but thankfully didn't go off. It's cool and I have the windows open, much to the delight of the cats. Ratchet is particularly chuffed as he's been permitted to escort me to the basement laundry room a couple of times (he's good about not getting stuck anywhere or running off and evading me, so he gets to trot down the two flights of stairs and howl at the doors of the storage areas down there. I do not know what is in his tiny cat brain.

Tomorrow will be spent cleaning, I think. And lazing about, that too.
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Is this thing on?

Just got back from a lightning-quick trip to NYC, where I got to hang (all too briefly) with my lovely Chessica. I was fed incredible calamari and porcini risotto which made me swoon, and we tromped all around in the unrelenting rain.


And the next day was art galleries in Chelsea, and a long, long truck ride back through the rolling green of Pennsylvania, the flat blue sky of Illinois, and then the familiar landscape of Nebraska.

Chelsea NYC
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I have nothing to say right now. Here are two Instagram shots of lavender taken at the local rose garden.

lavender sky

Bee among lavender stalks
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Actually, here's something more cheerful. A co-worker (and friend - she's the driving force behind the playreading group) snuck off and got married last week. Once we discovered this, we had this little tableau waiting for her in her office when she got back.

post-elopement celebrations

detail, post-elopement celebrations

Museum people know how to make their own fun.
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The trip to DC was relatively smooth - no travel delays, and good service on Delta (nicer planes than I've seen recently, too) a nice time with my family and friends, some visiting time for favorite museums, an interesting and productive work conference, and a very comfortable, fun to drive, so-ugly-it's-cute Nissan Cube as our rental car (despite my overwhelming anger at how much the rental actually cost).

The conference was hosted at the National Archives:
DC May 2011 010

around town photos )

It was a short, but very good trip.
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Taken on Sunday. The day was gorgeous - warm with blue skies...until I got home from work and then dragged Bemo out into it, whereupon a cold front rolled in and it got super-windy. Anyway, I love these columns, as do many people from the area.


More things in my city )
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The big collage piece I've been playing with recently. Don't know if it's done yet, but it's in the right ballpark, anyway.

The problem with having fun with collages is - what to do with them when you're done?

Collage 2

Collage 3
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Downloading free brushes is dangerous, because I don't really know how to use them. These are two experiments (read: near-random pushing of buttons) I've been playing with.

The question then becomes: what the heck are they good for?

The bases were my own photographs from Paris )
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It's almost October, and my personal style guru, an artist and manager of our museum's store, has turned the store's decoration over to Halloween. I took pictures so you can be as tickled by it as I am.

This is why I end up buying nut cups that I have no use for - I just put them on a shelf and look at them with glee in my heart. )
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Trying to teach myself a little more about Photoshop by following a tutorial. Here's an unaltered photo I took in Paris and what it looks like post-tinkering.

Faffing about )
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One of the photos I snapped ten years while on a study abroad program in Italy is apparently going to be part of a display in Langley Abbey, Norfolk, UK. I am a bit boggled, for several reasons.

The people who are doing the display saw a photo I have on Flickr (under a Creative Commons license, as most of them on there are) of a facade of San Fortunato, a church in Todi that has a tiny little naked nun and monk on separate parts of the facade and then, a little higher up in some ornamentation underneath a sculpture, engaging in some, ahem, non-sanctioned recreation. The company creating the display wants it an an example of "what they got up to then."

It's not a great photo, and the scan is nothing to write home about either, but my offer to rescan it and send them a better high res version was politely declined, mostly because they have to create the panels by...tomorrow. Hee. I know from tight deadlines, and I assume that trawling Flickr saves them some money as well as time by not having to fill out a raft of forms or permissions (all part of my daily job at the museum) in order to get their image.

They'll credit me under my real name, although I'm wondering if that was the right decision because getting credit for a point-and-shoot photo seems almost pretentious. I'm not sure if that reaction is entirely rational on my part, but there it is.

So, there's that, then.
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A sculptor from Venice during the High Renaissance.

Tullio Lombardo, sculpture of a warrior saint

Sculpture of a Warrior Saint

detail, Tullio Lombardo sculpture

I love his lion armor.
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There were thunderstorms rolling through all weekend, and rain falling almost continuously, but the first flowers at the Sunken Gardens are putting up a lovely show.

Rain flowers
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This place is just about my Platonic Ideal of a bookstore.

English Bookstore in the latin quarter


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