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Tonight I got to do jiyu-waza for the first time. The term translates to "free expression," and is facing an attack when you don't know which one it will be. (For our levels, they are limited to one of four.) I've participated as the attacker in these scenarios, but kind of dreaded being the one standing in the circle. I worried that I'd lock up and just stand there. Well, tonight I got put in, and while I didn't cover myself with glory, I moved. I did techniques. And I feel kind of pleased with myself. There's plenty of room to improve, but for the first time I feel like I've actually reached a small milestone in my training.
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The big collage piece I've been playing with recently. Don't know if it's done yet, but it's in the right ballpark, anyway.

The problem with having fun with collages is - what to do with them when you're done?

Collage 2

Collage 3
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So. My sister sent me to this website which features a large-scale envelope that looks a great deal like the envelopes I own from a similar time-period. And since I've been working through my regular job with some photo reproduction places, this seems like something I could do and perhaps market via Etsy. One of my photo repro guys would print onto really nice, archival-quality art paper or RC photopaper, and charge twelve bucks a square foot, the other would print onto regular ol' HP printer paper and charge seven bucks a square foot. I think the charm of the finished product is in a large-scale format, but I'm wondering if people would pay the price it would cost for the better paper, once I paid the printer and put a small markup on it. Any Etsy folk want to weigh in?
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I've been invested in making collages, recently. Actually, that's not quite true - I've done it before, although with just a gluestick and a blank book, but now I'm doing new techniques I've never tried before. Most of the stuff involves transfer work, using contact paper and caulk and, as the delicious odor in my kitchen says, beeswax. I've had varying degrees of success with it. My work at the moment lacks, I think, any sort of real edge to make it more interesting than "pretty," and I may never get to that point. But I find it really satisfying to see what turns out, and I'm going to keep playing around with it and see what comes up.

batgirl says get out there
Batgirl Says Get Out There

Three more this way )

Gotta keep scrounging stuff to add three-dimensionality on these, but not go over the top to the "too busy for busy's sake" point. Difficult for me to do. Some of my earlier collages were really just one image on an otherwise blank sheet, because I was convinced I'd spoil the purity of it all somehow.
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Nabbed the first season of Murphy Brown from the library yesterday, and watched the first disk. The show has held up pretty well, actually. The jokes still work. I'm sorry that apparently the first season didn't sell enough for any more DVDs to be put out. I used to be a big fan of the show but haven't thought about it in ages until I saw it at the library and figured it would be fun to have on while I puttered around the kitchen and made my first solo attempt at bread (my first assisted attempt at bread taking place a mere five days previous).

The bread came out rather oddly shaped, and a weird texture, but it was actually pretty tasty. Will carry out more experiments with my remaining two packets of yeast, and then maybe I'll buy a jar of it instead of the little envelopes.

Will probably watch more of the tv show tonight while attempting a second loaf. Also, I've been playing with collage - I hesitate to label the activity as "making art," because it's rather the same sort of thing you see all over Etsy in various forms - but it's soothing to play with the acrylic paints and the various forms of transfer mediums I'm working with. At some point, no doubt, I'll end up with a giant vat of beeswax bubbling away in a crockpot, a mitre box, and all sorts of other heat tools and quilting irons and stamps, but I'm going to wait on those and just continue to play with contact paper and photocopies and so on. I'll post a few photos when I have something to show.
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A few pendants for your perusal, with my apologies for the crappy scan. Pls to let me know if any of these will do or if you'd like me to scrap them:

some skulls for Kateh )

some viruses for Sometoast )
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For your perusal!

Also, my Etsy shop has been reloaded with more 19th-century envelopes for your collaging, steampunking, handwriting-collecting needs.

(Sometoast, I've got some images I'm playing with for yours. Will have them up ASAP.)

An overall shot of some of them:

Three from France: a Metro ticket, a fleur-de-lys, and a piece of the Metro map )

Three medieval angels )

A cow and a carromata )

(Kateh has dibs on the anatomical skulls, but I can make more identical or similar ones if people like them.)The cow, the carromata, and some anatomical skulls. )

A bulldog, a scottie and westie, a dachshund, and a pug )
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I can has Yuletide assignment! And I think I'll enjoy writing it, too! Woot woot.

Watch this space for some pendants later today - Kateh, I think I may have some things along the lines of what you were hoping for...
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If any of you have the time, please head over to my Etsy shop and let me know what you think about the 19th century envelopes. Would you buy them at that price? Are they genuinely cool and should I put up more of them? (I have more. Lots more.)
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Forgot to mention that I've been gluing fabric flower petals to mask blanks this weekend, too. For those of you who have tried this, is it best to start around the eyes and move out, or start around the edges and move in?
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Downloading free brushes is dangerous, because I don't really know how to use them. These are two experiments (read: near-random pushing of buttons) I've been playing with.

The question then becomes: what the heck are they good for?

The bases were my own photographs from Paris )
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Trying to teach myself a little more about Photoshop by following a tutorial. Here's an unaltered photo I took in Paris and what it looks like post-tinkering.

Faffing about )
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For the lovely ladies who have purchased pendants (and thus funded my next month of aikido!): I'm shipping them out today.

Thanks to all who purchased or looked at the photos, and I'll continue to put photos up of stuff for sale if it doesn't bug.

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Still need to trim these up and attach the bails, but here are a few more skeletons, some medieval ones, and an attempt at sciency ones that I don't quite love just yet. Upcoming: skulls, suns, and a first attempt at Highwaymen!

frivolous frivoloty )
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Have been helping a little bit with the install of our forthcoming ORLAN exhibition, "The Harlequin Coat." Part of this involves being hugged by mutant clothing on chairs.

Hugged by Orlan
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Here we go - my first set of things in the "Keep Siena On The Training Mat" sale. If you're interested in a pendant, please comment and let me know.

The deets:
-Each pendant is $10 for just the pendant. If you wish to purchase one with a colored ball-chain necklace, it's $11, if you'd like one with a ribbon necklace, it's $12.

-Shipping inside the US is free, outside the US, I'll probably ask you to pay postage.

-I'd prefer to do this via Paypal for ease of transaction, but if you can't, let me know and we'll work something out.

-I take commissions, if there's something you'd particularly love to see and I can get my hands on material. I also have ring blanks.

Jewelry )
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Have spent the weekend making more of my pendants and magnets (more on that a little later), going to the gym, biking around, and, as is usual for me, worrying. Bemo's benefits have once again run out, and we have another two months before the big student loan payments to get his loans out of default are over with. After those two months are up, we'll still have to make payments (on his loans and mine) but they should be lower and, one hopes, within our ability to manage.

At least this time we have some savings, so we're not faced with, say, immediately selling the car, or something like that. I think we can manage, even if things are tight (no more trips to the coffee shop for an iced mocha and a cupcake. But I'm worried about not being able to pay for aikido, which is pretty important to me right now, so I'm going to be stocking my Etsy store and perhaps asking people to spread the word about it. There's no way I can stand out on my own in a sea of other stores selling similar pendants, but perhaps I can convince some of you that if you perhaps happen to need yourself a pretty little pendant, you might pick one of mine! I'll put something up here when I've put up photos of a few more things. Heck, I might even bypass Etsy and just put up pics here.

I'm also going to be looking around for a weekend job. The local organic co-op grocery needs a weekend cashier. I could deal with that.

I hate feeling like I'm constantly on the edge of developing a full-fledged anxiety disorder. And I wish Bemo could find work.

Didn't sleep much last night due to busy brain. Will be going to bed right after Mad Men, if I can hold on till then.
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Watercolor from Perugia, Italy trip journal, 1998

Perugia watercolor 1


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