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There are few things that tell you you're in the future as posting an online journal entry from an airplane. Usually the wifi isn't free and I don't bother paying for it, but I had an idea for the draft I'm pecking away at and decided to spend the $2.50 just to get it down before I forgot about it. So I'm at a window seat, looking out a the great wing of the airplane and the clouds lit with the setting sun and looking just like they do in a Constable painting.

We're returning from southern Florida, where I with great delight danced at my dear friend's wedding. She's marrying a very sweet guy, and it was heartbreakingly wonderful watching her beam from ear to ear throughout the ceremony and reception. The bride and I and my friend Persia, also in attendance, met somewhere around 1990 in high school and have been friends ever since, so spending two days in the company of Persia plus getting time with the bride when we could (lots of family and other friends who all need attention!) and all in all had a marvelous time. My husband is also great friends with both of them and he has had a great time as well, especially since we had a little time on the beach. Not, alas, in the actual water - in the rush to pack we forgot that swimsuits would be nice, and anyway it was raining intermittently the whole time - but we got to hang out and sniff the salt air and listen to the waves for a little bit.

The ceremony was very brief (a family member who is also a justice of the peace married them) and Persia and I cried shamelessly, and then there was dinner and dancing and it was all wonderful.

Oh, and the husband has also fallen in love with the area we were in (He's always been a beach guy) and is now agitating to move there. There is a wonderful museum in the area that we visited the morning of the wedding but alas there would have to be some convenient vacancies open because I think their staff is not much bigger than ours is and so they probably don't need extra registrars hanging around.
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I have signed up for Weight Watchers. It was not entirely like this:

...but it was a little bit like that. Still, I need some structure and support, so we'll see.
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Dreamed this morning, before the alarm rang, that my boss got together a huge group of people (like, concert-venue huge) to tell everyone I was fired, and why.

At least it wasn't a portent for a bad day. It was a very productive day, but now my feet are sore.

Also, something horrible and yet hilarious happened at work, and I probably can't talk about it yet, but it'll make a good story when I can.
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1. Aww, Korra. And I love Tenzin and his family more with every show.

2. I just had to pay for my license plate renewal and it's almost as much as my monthly car payment. Gnngh.

3. I dreamed this morning that I was running around the house picking up cat poop. Not exactly inspiring on any level.

4. I'm ready to see the Avengers and Brave.

5. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday and I don't want to go.

6. One of my cats is sitting in the bathroom, staring blankly at the toilet.

7. Think I'll make room for a bike ride today.

This is kind of how I feel right now:

Kit in the window
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Up late last night trying to figure out if we'd need to go huddle in the basement. Thankfully we didn't have to wrangle the cats and go sit by the washer and dryer, although there was some flooding downstairs in our storage unit earlier in the evening after the big rains swept through. No damage, though. The big stuff was all happening in the northern part of the city, while we're in what's called the Near South neighborhood, and we weren't even seeing the stuff that was apparently happening just a few miles away.

Today, housecleaning, a quick stint at the co-op, and nnngh I have to figure out if I want to do my taxes by hand or use the online version which is technically finished but which I'm suddenly reluctant to pay for. No refund to look forward to this year, although we only owe something on the order of fifty bucks.
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So, we don't use our phones all that often. I tend to be faster about responding to email, my lengthy chats with friends and family don't occur on a regular basis (and I can Skype my sister for those long talks if I need to), and basically the thirty-five bucks a month I spend on my Verizon plan seems like a waste when I look at the fact that they give me 500 minutes and I've used, this month, all of 65 minutes. Bemo is in the same boat - actually, he uses his phone even less. We've been out of contract with Verizon for a couple of years now, so there's no penalty for leaving.
Since we're looking to save money, not spend more, upgrading to a smart phone (which I'd actually use all the time, but not as a phone!) won't be happening - anyway, I have my Touch and the netbook for portable web access which gets me by. So when March arrives, I've decided to switch our phones over to a prepaid company called Page Plus. Their program called The Twelve is twelve bucks a month, and gets me 250 minutes, 250 texts, 10 MB of data (which I'll never use because I have a dumb phone). They use the Verizon network, so my coverage shouldn't change.

I was turned on to Page Plus via Metafilter, where it's been discussed very positively, but I'd love to hear from any of you guys if you use them and find them decent or terrible.

Also, I expect the whole transition process to be about as fun as putting leeches on my eyeballs, but it's gotta be done. That fifty bucks we'd save can be put to so many more useful things than pissing it away on phone minutes we never use.

Also also, I went back to aikido for the first time after falling down the stairs and bruising my bum, so of course sensei started things off with rolls and slap-falls and break-falls. I think I now have a bruise on my bruise.
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The Halloween costume I had my heart set on, a "ghostly equestrienne" from an issue of Martha Stewart's Halloween issue a couple of years ago, is not going to happen, on account of it calling for about sixty bucks of taffeta to rough into a cape. I could go and buy a cheapie one from a Halloween store, but Bemo and I went and surveyed the terrain and yeah, I found ones that would work (for either that, or for my alternate, a Plague Doctor costume) but god. It's twenty bucks, but they're so horrible and cheap and they look like if you got too near an open flame they would melt and stick to your flesh. So, I don't know what I want to do now - find some way to salvage one of my two costumes, or just find something different.

In other news, a parcel I had given up for lost has been retrieved, and a tiny part of my faith in humanity restored. Lakerol red currant pastilles, hurrah.


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