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So I wrote the story Born To Milder Tasks, in the Gentleman Bastards universe. It's a little story that hopefully offers a glimpse at Sabetha and Nazca, two young terrors who are surrounded by people who don't really understand how smart...and unwise to cross...the two of them are.

I was given an excellent story in the Dresden Files universe, from someone who could appreciate my obsessive deep enjoyment of Murphy/Marcone. Their story is Tiger Balm, and I love it a bunch.

Can't reveal the story I wrote in the Be-Compromised (Black Widow/Hawkeye) Secret Santa, but will do that soon.

Been struggling a bit to write recently - so much other stuff happening. But this was fun.
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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and good wishes to all tonight. It's cold outside, but inside we're nice and warm, and our tiny tinsel tree is glowing invitingly. As is usual for our family, we opened presents on Christmas Eve. This year, since we're far away from family, Facetime was recruited to help bridge the miles, meaning we got to participate in all the raucous laughing and people talking over each other and cheering over gifts that is how Christmas Eve is supposed to go. We have good things for breakfast tomorrow, and will go to brunch with another friend who is in town as well and so pass the day in what I hope will be good cheer. Later, there will be Yuletide reading and freshly baked cookies and contented cats.

It's been a year of ups and downs. Here's to next year being more ups and far fewer downs for all of us.
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My story, she is posted! Huzzah.

Opened an Amazon box that was supposed to be saved until Christmas, oops. But within it was contained a Chromecast, and as the technologically backwards folk that we are, we've been amusing ourselves by exploring the brand new world of streaming things to your tv. I even reactivated my long-dormant Netflix account for it. Hopefully we'll be able to knock off our cable - or at least reduce it - in the near future. I loathe paying for it.

Last day of work before the winter campus shutdown was yesterday. I dug a hole, had some photography done, and tried to pretend that January won't be as crazy as it's shaping up to be. Feh. Not thinking about it now. Instead rereading a bunch of Travis McGee novels and planning to go to the gym in the next little while.
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Oh my gosh, so gorgeous. The art was ravishing, the little spirits such a nice nod to Spirited Away, the story held together so much more. More of this, Korra people.

In other news I have my assignments for Yuletide and the Clint/Natasha Secret Santa, and am excited and am starting to noodle through ideas for them.
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Dear Yuletide writer,

I'm so happy to be here at another Yuletide, and I hope my prompts provide good fodder for you.

I'm not about the grimdark angst of doom. I don't mind darkness, but please avoid crushing my soul to tiny bits, killing off everyone tragically, serving up zombies or an apocalypse or "and then they lived a very long time in heart-wrenching emotional/physical agony and it was beautiful." I don't object to sex in the least, but I also don't need kink meme fodder.

I'm really into small moments that reveal big things. I also love the trope of friends being the family you find for yourself. That sort of "thick or thin, we're for each other" stuff really gets me, especially when it's earned through a lot of trouble and hard times.

So my first request, for the Locke Lamora universe, really fits into that sort of thing. The Gentlemen Bastards are definitely good examples of that found family trope. I'm interested in two characters that have mostly been comic relief up until this point (I've read all three books in case if you want to use Republic of Thieves in your story - that's fine), namely Calo and Galdo Ganza. I suspect they may come in for more character development eventually, but at this moment they're loveable rogues who are mostly in the story for fart jokes. Which is, you know, fine. But I choose to believe they have some inner life to speak of, and I'd love to see a story about them that explores it.

My second request is for the Jason Bourne movies. Marie is one of my favorite characters, especially since she's relatively rare in an action movie. She's flawed, heroic in believable ways, is a little bit shady herself but is also tough, resourceful, and joyful. I would love a story centered on her, whether it be her life before Jason, fix-it fic so that she's not killed off (still makes me mad), their relationship whether it be sex, arguing about where to go next, her learning to survive on her own (even more than she already does).

My third request is for Kage Baker's Company books. There's so much room in her world, and we haven't really seen much that takes place in Italy, which happens to be one of my favorite locations for stories! So if you could tell me a story of the Company, using any established character or an OC if you wish, set in perhaps a papal court of the Renaissance, or maybe Lorenzo de Medici's court, or among the painters, sculptors, etc...I'd eat it up with a spoon.

My fourth request is for a story featuring one of the awesome ladies populating the Dresden Files world. I'm a Murphy/Marcone shipper, but you don't have to follow me down that particular hole if you don't feel like it. But a character piece or adventure for one of the women, whether it's Murphy, Gard, Molly, or whomever, would be fantastic.

Thanks, and Happy Yuletiding!
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So with 954 stories on A03 and the "first year" rule no longer in effect, Welcome to Night Vale is probably too big for Yuletide, I suppose. Going to have to think about what I want to do this year. I'm not even certain I want to write for Night Vale, but I thought about it.
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Seen everywhere, and because poking through stats is fun and weirdly affirming, even if you're just quietly on the fringes. By a long shot, my Avengers/MCU stuff has gotten me the highest hit counts because it's the largest fandom I've written for. By the time I got to things like Buffy and Firefly, I was long, long past the peak boom times.

My top ten stories by hit count )

And by kudos )

So I don't know that there's anything to learn from this, besides "people prefer pairings over gen unless it's Yuletide," and "bigger fandoms mean more readership."
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I got a sweet Fast Women story for Yuletide - the very cute Three Weddings and a Funyun. My own gift seems to have been well received, which makes me happy - I was floundering a bit in the fic because it had a lot of world-building to be done and I wasn't sure I was up to the task, and there were moments that I pondered defaulting because I kept deleting big chunks of text, but I think it all worked out nicely in the end. It won't get read much, I don't think, but I like the idea of the few people who want something in this fandom finding at least one story when they go looking.

In other news, I am coughing an unproductive, harsh cough, and my head hurts in that "sinuses filled with cement" way. Also, my chest hurts a bit. I've drunk two big mugs of hot chai tea and taken some Robitussin, but I have a feeling I've fallen to the holiday blargh, which will make it fun to travel in...omg, just a few days. Woe. Also, we went trail riding on Christmas Eve day, and while it was a great deal of fun and I may have not completely lost all knowledge about how to steer a horse, my thigh muscles were Not Pleased with the whole thing and I've sort of been lurching around like a drunken sailor since.

I don't really want to go home. I do, but I don't, and I want to keep hanging out with my sister under no time pressure. I want to keep being crafty and continue making things with her and also cooking. I'm not ready to go back to work. I'm glad I built in a few days to decompress from the trip before I do go back, but I'm still not ready to face it. January is always kind of a bitch of a month, because our deductible resets and so all the prescriptions cost more, plus it's when the cold really sets in and you sort of end up feeling like it's just a long, dreary sludge till spring.

ANYWAY. This is all probably just because I'm feeling like I'm made of wet cement. I should go to bed and stop whining.
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Went to the 4 hour driver's ed class (after getting a ticket for rolling through a stop sign) and honestly, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. The instructor was engaging, and people participated enough so that things didn't stagnate. The class was about evenly split between older ladies and younger kids (I was one of only a couple who could be described as middle-aged). Towards the end, the group of older ladies got a little chatty and clueless, and the young dude behind me was getting increasingly more irritated with them, but thankfully the class ended soon thereafter and I didn't have to turn around and try to set him on fire with the power of my mind.

We also saw several long PSAs that were all dealing with texting and cell phone usage while driving. They were pretty effective. I can only imagine how horrible it would be to know, as in the case of one of the stories, that your sister lost control of her car and hit a bridge while trying to read your text that said, simply, "Yeah." I don't text or use my cell phone while I'm driving, but I do fuss with my ipod sometimes, and I think that's a habit I need to break.

There was also a young woman in class who valiantly tried to argue that the cop giving her a speeding ticket meant that child abusers and murderers were running free, but that got pretty briskly dealt with.

I've been helping with the kids classes at the dojo on Saturday morning. It's amazing how flexible and energetic the little boogers are. And how differently they learn. There's a redheaded little boy who doesn't have a lot of body coordination yet, but he's really intense about getting things right, and he screws up his face and silently watches everything like a hawk.

Have been rereading Heyers. Need to reread my Yuletide source material. Am a little intimidated because my assignment seems to want, essentially, original fiction, and I don't quite know in which direction to go.
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Now that I'm a few days late...

At any rate, I wrote a Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) story, a short take on a Justine POV. I had fun writing it, and my recipient seemed to really enjoy it, so hurrah! Here's the link on AO3, and I'll post it to LJ at some point soon.

A Justine POV vignette, set sometime post-Blood Rites and pre-Changes.
Summary: There's a question she needs Harry to answer. In the meantime, she's learning other things, and filing them all away. Gen.

Alas, I haven't written anything else for Yuletide - perhaps I'll take a look at the prompts for a New Years thingy.
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I have been given a rollicking Dresden Files adventure called A Tiny Push, wherein Harry causes a great deal of trouble at O'Hare - no doubt while I'm trying to get to my connecting flight on time.

Also the recipient of my story seemed very happy with her present, so I am doubly chuffed. I am now off to eat copious quantities of bacon.


Dec. 20th, 2010 11:44 am
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My Yuletide story, she is posted.
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I can has Yuletide assignment! And I think I'll enjoy writing it, too! Woot woot.

Watch this space for some pendants later today - Kateh, I think I may have some things along the lines of what you were hoping for...
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I feel like I've become such a bore recently. When trouble happens, it tends to just suck things up, so although I'm still reading books, watching tv, having things happen, when it comes to saying anything witty, vaguely interesting, or hell, articulate, my brain goes blank.

I've signed up for Yuletide. Have actually decided not to ask for Sayers this year, but I'm requesting Dresden Files, Pamela Dean's Tam Lin, Constantine (movieverse) and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, because...well, because. Although I nominated the Matthew Swift books, I realized that what I really want is more of them, and since I've only read the first and there are two more out there, I should probably head in that direction first. Have offered MacGyver, Dresden, Constantine, Life, Kage Baker's The Company books, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Am wishing really hard that I had nominated Judith Merkle Riley's work in some form or another. Blast.

Work is busy busy. Lots of time in the vaults, pulling out stacks of photography to review. Also new policies and forms to write.

I continue to swim about once a week, and have worked up to a solid half-mile in about a half-hour. I kind of enjoy the ritual of the locker room and the shower and the smell of chlorine on my skin for the rest of the day. I do not enjoy forgetting my damp towel is wadded up in my backpack and the way it smelled when I found it again.

Aikido test will probably happen first week of Dec. Have gotten to the point where I know everything that will be on it, but want to work on my smoothness. Plus, dear god, I'll have to practice my back rolls, because they're sad floppy sideways things and I take forever just setting up to do them, because I'm convinced they'll come out wrong.

Have absolutely no money. Worried about the whole Christmas thing. However, we did successfully rehabilitate Bemo's student loans that were in default, which means that the credit agencies get a nice letter about us, that we can put the loans in deferment for a time, and that we also will start getting IRS refunds again. It was a big frickin' difficult deal, and I'm amazed we managed to pull that one off. Considering framing the letter that announced it.

Wish Bemo's brain chemistry would sit down and shut the fuck up, already. And I know that he wishes it five times as hard as I do. Sadly, there is probably more of it in the future, as meds are tweaked.

Off to find lunch.
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Greetings, Yuletide writer!

I don't like to throw up a bunch of constraints, but if you please, no excessively dark fic for me, where everything has gone wrong and it's the end of the world and rocks fall, everybody dies. I don't need fluffy, exactly, but staying a little more on the lighter/sexier side of things would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, this would mean no child/animal death...heck, if you could avoid character death period, I'd appreciate it.

Other than that, I particularly love stories that explore how character comes out in small moments and interactions. I love seeing how intimate relationships function - not just physically intimate, but emotionally intimate ones, too - although having that fall over into sexual intimacy is pretty cool, though.

Thanks so much, and see you in December!
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Bemo and I spent a very quiet Christmas together, as planned. Nothing really fancy, just snuggling on the sofa in warm jammies, teasing the cats, and puttering around doing a great deal of nothing. Bemo's mom, continuing her long habit of giving butt-ugly snuggly warm things, sent me a blue housecoat that is straight out of Golden Girls, but which is warm and soft and squishable. My sister sent me a lovely custom stamp to use on the backs of the cards I make. And outside, it's bitterly cold, very windy, and still snowing lightly. This has caused us to cancel our tentative plans to go see Sherlock Holmes, because we don't want to have to spend time digging out the car.

I'm not going to link to my Yuletide story yet, because of the cranky server, but I will later on. It's a Dorothy L. Sayers story, with the dons chatting amongst themselves, and it's just such a lovely little story - perfectly in character for everybody, despite a large cast of characters to manage, and I could have read pages and pages and pages of it. And I just got a comment from my story's recipient, and it was enthusiastic and just made me feel warm all over, so I have to say this has definitely been a wonderful Yuletide even though I haven't been able to read many of the other stories yet!

Hope everyone's day was lovely and warm and full of good things.
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It's snowing outside (and the wind is whipping like crazy), we've opened our presents, Bemo is snoring in bed, and I have written two more Yuletide Treats and uploaded them in the nick of time. I guess my vow to write more has actually started to happen!

I'm so excited!
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I'm not sure if I'm panicking needlessly, which is why I'm asking my flist first: I uploaded my story before the deadline. I could see it there, blinking happily at me. I decided, while I was fussing around with it, to upload some of my other fic to the archive. Now, I can't see my Yuletide story there at all. The archive tells me I have X number of stories, but I can only see X-1, which makes me think that my story is still there, just sort of floating around anonymously. But I thought we were supposed to be able to make edits (I realized I forgot to tag the story as Yuletide, which is why I was trying to find it) and...if I can't actually find it, I can't make the edit.

I tried to go to Yuletide fandoms and clicking on the link for my particular fandom, but that doesn't seem to turn the story up either. Have I accidentally deleted my story somehow? Or am I just profoundly confused?
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Just under the gun, my Yuletide story is posted.

Now, off to wibble.
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I'm so excited about my second Yuletide! The assignment I got has the feeling of something I can really dig into, although there's a lot of canon that I'm going to have to go back and look over with a mindful eye. Then again, it's not like this story would have been written quickly, or anything, because I like to poke and dither and rewrite.


Dear Yuletide writer, thank you so much for writing me a story in one of my fandoms!

I am a huge fan of quiet moments that say big things, small and intimate moments between characters, touching, broad shoulders, laughter, great dialogue, smart characters doing smart things (or dumb things that they talk themselves into because they've hit a moment when logic is failing them), a sense of history and place. I'm not a huge fan of PWP - I don't mind smutty, but I like a story around it. I'd also prefer no character death, animal death, excessive gore, or super-bleakness (darkness, yes, nihilism, no).

Thanks so much,
Your excited recipient


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