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The trip to DC was relatively smooth - no travel delays, and good service on Delta (nicer planes than I've seen recently, too) a nice time with my family and friends, some visiting time for favorite museums, an interesting and productive work conference, and a very comfortable, fun to drive, so-ugly-it's-cute Nissan Cube as our rental car (despite my overwhelming anger at how much the rental actually cost).

The conference was hosted at the National Archives:
DC May 2011 010

around town photos )

It was a short, but very good trip.
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I discovered that sheep like scritches.

sheep scritchies


Sep. 23rd, 2010 09:37 am
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Confess the first things you bought from Amazon:

My first order was Dec 1, 1998, and I bought Katherine Neville's A Calculated Risk, which was fun and entertaining but not as good as The Eight (alas, her next book, The Magic Circle, was a flaming pile of poop, and I have not heard good things about A Calculated Risk, which I believe is a sequel to The Eight.) I also purchased TPratchett's Soul Music.

Followed that up with another order on Dec 21: [ profile] pameladean's Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary and Diane Duane's The Book of Night With Moon.

I still remember feeling so excited about Amazon - all these books out there that I could never seem to find in stores even though we were in a major metro area! All mine for the click of a button! My third order got even more diverse - a book on Commedia del'Arte, Steven Brust's The Sun, The Moon, and the Stars, a Steeleye Span album just because one of my favorite authors who I had just encountered on the internet liked them a lot!

That was another thing - the fact that all these authors I admired from a distance were now suddenly, strangely, within touching distance, and that was so strange, like an actor you idolized moving in next door to you.
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For that meme wot is going around.

Photo 4
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I hereby join the chorus and say please do not be crossposting anything over to Facebook and/or Twitter. There are many things my mother does not need to know about. If pressed, I'll retreat to Dreamwidth, but I'd rather not bother at the moment unless the tide gets overwhelming. I'm hoping LJ gets their heads out of their collective asses and kills this thing dead.
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Ended up going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Fair twice, on Saturday with [ profile] eccentricartist (who had an ATM suck her debit card into the depths and not return it, poor thing) and then again with Bemo, who was so taken by our stories of various interesting farm critters that he wanted to go also. Although the prospect of deep-fried Twinkies may also have played a role in his decision, now that I think on it. [ profile] eccentricartist and I didn't have quite as much time to spend there, so we stayed mostly at the sheepdog demos and then admired the alpacas and llamas, and then cooed over shawls that were way too pricy for our meager wallets. Bemo and I went to see the sheepdogs work also, but then we headed for the barn and looked at all the different kinds of sheep, and then headed for the bunnies and chatted up one of the breeders. I also knit a few rows on a charity afghan, and discovered that bamboo needles are really awesome.

Things seen at the fair:

Three sheep in a pen busily devouring the ribbon they had just won

A lady sitting in front of a spinning wheel with an angora rabbit in her lap, spinning the fiber directly off the bunny

A llama eying the baskets that were juuuuust out of reach, obviously pondering how they might taste

A sociable little sheep who wanted Bemo to stay and scratch his face all day, especially if he could get a few nibbles of Bemo's shirt in at the same time

The Jacob sheep with four horns

A little girl being tidied up by her mother before she went in to show her lamb, which was flailing at the end of its tether like a marlin

The broom-maker - I almost bought one, they were so cool

The sheep stuck in the back of the pickup truck, bleating woefully

The alpacas with their round little faces and tiny feet

The two Jack Russels in the car, one of which was so excited to see Bemo that it piddled on the driver's seat. Uh...oops.


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