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I spent the entire day assisting a photographer who was taking images of our paintings and ceramics from our collection. I was tired from being on my feet most of the day, and my knee was achy, so after work Bemo and I sashayed over to my favorite coffee shop and I took some photos of my own and knitted a bit while Bemo read old magazines. We also scarfed down a roast beef and bleu cheese pannini and a red velvet cupcake and a pair of mochas.

And then I accidentally knitted where I should have purled and now I have a pair of seed stitches in my nice ribbed scarf. I'll have to fix it - I'd rather pretend it's not there, but I'd always know and it would bug me.
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Ended up going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Fair twice, on Saturday with [ profile] eccentricartist (who had an ATM suck her debit card into the depths and not return it, poor thing) and then again with Bemo, who was so taken by our stories of various interesting farm critters that he wanted to go also. Although the prospect of deep-fried Twinkies may also have played a role in his decision, now that I think on it. [ profile] eccentricartist and I didn't have quite as much time to spend there, so we stayed mostly at the sheepdog demos and then admired the alpacas and llamas, and then cooed over shawls that were way too pricy for our meager wallets. Bemo and I went to see the sheepdogs work also, but then we headed for the barn and looked at all the different kinds of sheep, and then headed for the bunnies and chatted up one of the breeders. I also knit a few rows on a charity afghan, and discovered that bamboo needles are really awesome.

Things seen at the fair:

Three sheep in a pen busily devouring the ribbon they had just won

A lady sitting in front of a spinning wheel with an angora rabbit in her lap, spinning the fiber directly off the bunny

A llama eying the baskets that were juuuuust out of reach, obviously pondering how they might taste

A sociable little sheep who wanted Bemo to stay and scratch his face all day, especially if he could get a few nibbles of Bemo's shirt in at the same time

The Jacob sheep with four horns

A little girl being tidied up by her mother before she went in to show her lamb, which was flailing at the end of its tether like a marlin

The broom-maker - I almost bought one, they were so cool

The sheep stuck in the back of the pickup truck, bleating woefully

The alpacas with their round little faces and tiny feet

The two Jack Russels in the car, one of which was so excited to see Bemo that it piddled on the driver's seat. Uh...oops.
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Went to the fiber store today, meaning to pick up something for Cherbear's scarf. I browsed the Manos de Uraguay selection, finding some pretty colors but nothing quite like the shades on the Julia Stiles scarf. Plus, it was a little bit pricy, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it without knowing if Cher would like the colors. So I wandered a little bit more, and the sales bin turned up a nice hand-dyed wool skein in pretty multicolors - mostly blues and pinks. Since it was only seven bucks, I picked it up. I then passed a section with two display scarves, reached out an exploratory hand, and...fell in love. It was alpaca wool, utterly soft and delicious, and (a little bit) cheaper than the Manos de Uraguay stuff. I picked up two skeins of it in an ever-so-slightly pinky red, and decided to give Cher the option of taking it or waiting until I find a more properly multicolor scarf for her. I know I'd have no problem finding somebody to wear a scarf made from this stuff - I might keep it for myself!

Learning to use the swift and ball-winder was entirely too much fun for one human being to have.

I was knitting away at Persia's tonight, after dinner, and discovered something important - stop knitting when you start to get tired. I had a lovely swatch done, and then got a little headachey and tired, but kept knitting. I proceeded to drop a stitch, and then add a stitch while trying to fix things, and eventually the whole project just went to bollocks. Now the whole scarf is frogged and waiting for me to start it up again when my brain is firing on all cylinders. Sucks, but I'm such a new knitter that I still have to pay really close attention to what I'm doing, or it all goes to hell. Plus, I was using a yarn that was a little trickier than anything I've worked with up till now, so that didn't help matters.

Knit Wit

Sep. 6th, 2005 03:03 pm
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This is what my current "learner scarf" looks like. The gigundo ball of yarn I was bequeathed started out as more pink and purple, and then changed to green/blue and purple with no sign of switching back, although who knows what lurks in the core of the beast? I don't mind, particularly, but I was a little bemused.

Image hosted by

I used the stockinette stitch as a stripe accent, and will do the same on the other side. It's mostly there so I could prove I learned the stitch. I'm at about the two and a half foot mark, length-wise, so I'm not quite halfway there, I think.

Cherbear said she wanted a scarf like Julia Stiles wears in The Bourne Supremacy. I found a pic:

Image hosted by

Is this what you want, Cher? And to the more experienced knitters out there, is this a doable project for a beginner?
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I can now cast on like nobody's buisness. But the knitting part is proving more difficult - my stitches are very uneven and lumpy and I've unraveled my yarn twice because I did something mysterious which resulted in things Not Looking Right At All. So today in the car on the way to work, I restarted, making a big effort to make my stitches loose so I could see what I was doing, and things seem to be going better. I'm going to go filch the Stitch 'N Bitch book off of the docent coordinator's desk and have a look at the diagrams.

In other news...well, there isn't any, really. Bemo and I dogsat last night, but we'll be back home tonight, with a Netflixed Muppet Show and Keen Eddie disc to keep us entertained. Bemo had a job interview for a temp position yesterday, but walked out after about five minutes when the woman doing the interviewing yelled at him for coming fifteen minutes early, because she wasn't yet prepared. Apparently the interview went downhill from there, and after about five minutes, Bemo stood up, said that he thought it was by now obvious that things would not work out, and left. It makes you wonder why he's the third person to go in for this job and not take it, hmm?

And congrats to [ profile] swooop, who has triumped over the BRAC in fine style *g*.


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