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Things have been a little rocky on the ol' Mystic gyno front, but the problem (dose of Metformin no longer balancing the wonkyness of insulin, result: my body kinda sorta thinks it's on birth control pills and maybe does a little bit of what it thinks is breakthrough bleeding, solution: bump up the Metformin a bit) seems to have done the trick and the circus is about to leave town. However the related mood swings and anxiety that go hand in hand with it all has been in full effect today, leaving me utterly convinced that very specific Bad Things were in the wind and it was only a matter of time before all my sins would be broadcast to the general public. It's basically that Jenny Holzer statement: Forces are aligning quietly and there will be trouble," except maybe more like FORCES ARE ALIGNING NOW AND THEY ARE SPECIFICALLY COMING FOR YOU NOW.

So, you know, good times.

There are things to keep me busy the next week or so until I leave, so hopefully the crazies will leave too. I am part of my institution's Instagram team and have had to sit in on meeting where we all talk about optimizing our visitors and growing our audience and I know it's important but at the same time whatever remnants of cynical Gen-X slacker that remain lodged in my breast act to keep me doing the occasional internalized eyeroll. Because uh muh guh guys. Or something. Facebook quietly chugs along, and I haven't been able to get anyone to let me start a Tumblr and endlessly reblog SoYouWorkAtAMuseum. Although hilariously all of us are resisting taking on Twitter like it's a snake poised to bite us and so the marketing manager, who is a lady in her late fifties or so, has been stuck with it although she keeps trying to hand it off.

It'll be hard to concentrate what with the trip looming. I am itchy. Currently looking at a suitcase and wondering if I want to do a soft bag or this larger roller one and what carryon looks like on international trips, anyway. Except to get from my small city to the next biggest city will require me being on a tiny jet and no way no how will this thing fit on that overhead, so maybe I just need to keep my ambitions small. Or check the bag, which I'd rather not do.

My friend with the Edith-beagle has to work a particularly long day tomorrow so I get some beagle time. We might walk down to campus to see the festivities for Homecoming, which Edith will believe are all designed to bring people within petting range. Edith fervently believes that all people want is to pet a cute little rolypoly beagle and frequently, she's right.

I'm typing this in the basement because Ratchet has been particularly whiny and so I let him frolic with the dustbunnies while I dug around in our storage closet and found the aforementioned suitcase. He's trying to coax me into letting him out onto the back patio again, but I know I can't trust him and also there are still fleas lurking. Time to pick up the cat in one arm and the suitcase in another and hoof it back up the stairs, I think.
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My elderly lady cat Gracie had been diagnosed with kidney disease a little while back, and while we were able to keep her going with SQ fluids and some medication and a special diet, we knew we didn't have much time with her left. Sadly, a couple of days ago she abruptly went downhill and we knew it was time.

In a way I'm not grieving too badly - we knew we probably wouldn't have another year, and at the end she was clearly confused and in pain and there was no way we would prolong that, so there was no doubt about whether we were doing the right thing. But my husband is taking it very hard, as he was the one who picked her up outside the KFC next to the bus stop, and he was the one whose jacket she snuggled inside and started purring, as if she knew it was all going to be fine from then on. 13 years of ruling the household later, it's hard to imagine she's not just curled up asleep somewhere. She was always curled up near us, whether it was in-between my feet on the bed or next to the keyboard on the desk or sitting with my husband while he basked in his full spectrum light during the dark days of winter.

It was the right thing for her, saying goodbye. But it isn't easy. Not at all.
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I really have fallen away from updating, mostly because of general tiredness and the sensation that I don't really have much to say. Life is busy, and there is sadness currently in the form of an elderly kitty starting to suffer from the sort of health issues that plague senior kitties. Gracie is still up and at 'em, but she's now blind and we're having to medicate her in various ways. This has made my husband, who is already stressed about going back to school in a few weeks, very sad, because Gracie found him outside the KFC and demanded to be taken some place better because she was sick of dumpster diving, thank you very much. She's been in our lives for thirteen years and a lot of changes, and it's hard to contemplate the idea that we're running up against the end of our time with her.

Also, there's the usual OMG no money, OMG job stress, OMG Tumblr just streams pictures past my face effortlessly and I can passively imbibe. Bleah.

Life will be busy for the forseeable future, but I will try to keep things ticking along here.
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Rereading The Hobbit as well as Fellowship of the Ring (it's funny reading them side by side, so to speak. Had forgotten how much I want to go live with Beorn. And now I want to go see the Hobbit again, just because. Heh.

Reading City of Diamond, by Jane Emerson (aka the fabulous Doris Egan, whose Ivory books I so love). It's funny, I read a lot of fantasy and not as much science fiction, and it's been a while since I've been on a spaceship. I'm only about 75 pages in, but enjoying it a lot so far. Here's Jo Walton's take on the book.

I also have the Kindle holding Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong: A Guide to Life liberated from Anxiety which is something my therapist sent me when I told her I couldn't come back for a little while because I couldn't afford the co-payments, and did she have any recommendations for me to read while I was away? She sent me this book and a workbook called Get Out Of Your Mind & Into Your Life, which is good but which I haven't worked very deeply into yet. I'm also pausing my Susanna Kearsley reading, but have Winter Sea ready and waiting, and also I just picked up (for three bucks, I think) Jennifer Crusie's Crazy People: The Crazy For You Stories, which is her MFA set of stories featuring characters she used in Crazy For You. I am excite.

In other news I stayed home from work today because I felt punky and had some Incidents of Barf. I feel better now which I hope sticks because I have things I need to do this weekend, although they mostly involve sitting at a table and being nice to people - our dojo has a table at the local women's expo. Despite being home, I got a panel proposal turned in, by the skin of my teeth. Rarrr.

And in other, other news, one of the cats is farting vilely, and I can't figure out which one of them it is. It's bad enough that I'm surprised there isn't a visible green cloud.

Ratchet, indignant

Ratchet is indignant that I would ever accuse him of such a thing.
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chocolate pavlova before baking

It's in the oven now. Exciting!

But some occupants of the household don't really care. They just want you to scratch their tummy.

Ratchet doesn't care
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Asleep in front of the keyboard
We begin with the placement of the Orange Cat in front of the keyboard. This is obnoxious, as he will stretch and push the keyboard in various directions to suit his comfort, but he is still mostly out of the way.

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Jan. 3rd, 2012 08:29 pm
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Thanks for all your kind words, guys.

In thanks, I bring you a pic of two of my goofy, goofy cats, who have cheerfully accepted that dishwasher cart=bunkbeds. I put the bedding down after they decided they needed to sleep on it, because I am a sucker. Since Ratchet just cost me a bunch of money in tuna-flavored antibiotics, he's got to make it up in cute. Or get a job.

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Sometimes, when I'm washing the dishes, I'll look up and see this.

Ratchet in the pass-through
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Taken on Sunday. The day was gorgeous - warm with blue skies...until I got home from work and then dragged Bemo out into it, whereupon a cold front rolled in and it got super-windy. Anyway, I love these columns, as do many people from the area.


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We're past thanksgiving, but I think it's never the wrong time to list things you're thankful for or grateful about.

- Supportive, caring friends: the ones who live in my computer and the ones I hang with in real life, as well as the many who fall into both categories. Things are rough right now, and having you tolerate my venting, whining, and talking to myself and then responding with kind words and thoughts means so much.

- Family. The whole glorious, batty, loving bunch of them. (Some of them are possibly more batty than others. I will refrain from making lists.) My sister is the cool person I always knew her to be, and my frequently absurd mother has been a strength in this whole affair. And my beloved husband, who is clinging on with teeth and toenails, has a strength that amazes me, even if he doesn't see it in himself.

- This here frickin' internet. Without it, my communication with said caring friends and family would be a lot more difficult. Also, it helps me do important things. And it gives me stupid things that make me laugh.

- The milder winter that's predicted. Please god, let it be so - I cannot take another winter like last one.

- Aikido, for giving me an outlet for my own mental health.

- My job, which is constantly interesting and challenging and, despite the normal frustrations that crop up, still tons of fun.

- The cats, for being snuggly cuddlesacks. I could do with less whining for me to turn on the bathroom faucets for them to drink out of, though.

I'm a giant sack of schmoopy crap right now, I know. There are sad things happening, but right now I'm feeling so close to people, so amazed by how caring and generous people can be.

You might as well take me in this mood while you can get me, because my next post is going to be a big complaint about the stupid student loan people and why they can't make things straightforward so I know who to pay and how to consolidate my loans and reducing the payment because hahahaha we can't pay that and perhaps I should stop now before my loving mood for everything and everyone fades into surly silence.

Smooches, people.
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Ratchet the cat has two methods for drinking water. Either he whines at the top of his formidable kitty lungs until I turn on the bathtub faucet - a carefully calculated trickle that results in his bonking us with his damp head minutes later - or he reclines by his waterbowl like Nero at an orgy, resting his chin on the edge of the bowl and lapping up the water in the same noisy way that an 80lb black lab would.

In other, non-cat news, I ran a little bit on the treadmill today for the first time, and I'm pretty pleased with how it went. I only did a few short bursts, keeping to a brisk walk for the rest of the time, and my knees remained happy and I got my heart rate up in a good way. So, y'know, woot and all that.
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You know, over the past many years, I've lived in a lot of apartments. I've finally come to the conclusion that it's really damn difficult to predict whether or not your experience with a rental agency or apartment complex will be a positive one, a neutral one, or a wildly negative one. Our apartment complex in Alexandria was, for us, great. A friend of mine moved in two floors above us and had a less-than-stellar experience. On the advice of a co-worker, we moved into the Chantilly apartment - same complex she lived in at the time. She had no problems with them - we had a carnival of bad experiences and still refer to the place as Amityville. We had, more or less, a good relationship with our current leasing company here in Lincoln (rec'd to us by a person who had also had a good experience with them) - to the point that, when we were booted out of our first place, we sought out another building managed by them. But I've just recently been told a couple of horror stories by people who had profoundly negative experiences with the same company.

This musing brought to you by the fact that we just had our walk-through for our old apartment, and we could tell already that the guy was going to be a genuine, class-A dick about some things that truly were there when we moved in. The ledge of the window is very worn and gouged in long parallel rows along the grain, and he clearly intimated that our cats were somehow responsible. Perhaps if we were keeping a lynx, or several small cougars, that might happen. We're crossing our fingers that we wrote down the wear on our initial walk-through form, but we might have made a $300 mistake by not noting it down, since we might have mentally written it off as wear and tear on an apartment that's forty or fifty years old that we didn't need to specifically write down, just like we didn't write down that the cabinets were kinda janky - usable, but janky.

We have to find our copy of the walk-through form from when we moved in, It's around somewhere, I just have to unearth it. But we can just tell this guy is going to do his best to not have to return our deposit, and I don't know if I have the wherewithal right now to take him to small claims court, or whatever would have to happen.

I hate this sort of petty bullshit. I know homeownership brings its own unique sets of problems and issues, but right now, I'd trade.
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All that remains at the old apartment are cleaning supplies, which I'll pick up tonight after doing a little more cleaning and taking photos to prove how we left the place. It'll be good to be done with this. While we've managed it all on schedule, making endless trips with endless boxes has been its special little form of torture.

So very tired. And in the grips of the "now what" that always happens once you complete a big project. Lots of sore muscles.

And god, poor Bemo. He had something Very Not Good happen today and called me at about ten this morning, gutted.

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