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I enjoyed it a bunch, although I don't know that it would rank top three for me. Specifically great were super-suave Robert Redford and the unbelievably charismatic and Anthony Mackie, who needs to be around lots and lots. I liked Black Widow's role very much and was a little surprised that they didn't hit the Bucky-Steve stuff a tiny bit harder. What was there did work well, though.

I'd really like a moody, beautiful Bourne/Hana/In Bruges kind of movie for Natasha guys. It needs to happen.
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Seen everywhere, and because poking through stats is fun and weirdly affirming, even if you're just quietly on the fringes. By a long shot, my Avengers/MCU stuff has gotten me the highest hit counts because it's the largest fandom I've written for. By the time I got to things like Buffy and Firefly, I was long, long past the peak boom times.

My top ten stories by hit count )

And by kudos )

So I don't know that there's anything to learn from this, besides "people prefer pairings over gen unless it's Yuletide," and "bigger fandoms mean more readership."
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As seen everywhere. I had to go back aways because I'm not an especially prolific writer - the plot bunnies only hop past once every so often. And there are a lot of things I admire that I feel no need to write for, while some pairings just seem to generate more stories out of me. Style-wise, I don't know that I can interpret much about my own tendencies. I try to go for punchy, I guess? Like everybody else?

A little bit of commentary with each first line.

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The mailbox has presented me with Hawkeye Vol. 1 My Life As A Weapon, which is glorious. The art and the storytelling, just...mwah. So good. My tolerance for the type of canon you end up with in comics has definitely lessened over the years, but it's nice to have one book to read with a tight focus.

Also, I love Kate, even if I don't know her from anywhere else.

The mailbox has also presented me with a nightgown/robe thingy from my mother-in-law (purchased at the Vermont Country Store, purveyor of my husband's beloved ski pyjamas) that would look really fetching if I were about 86 years old. But, hey. It's warm. The weather this weekend has been snowy but not cold enough to stick, so while it was pretty for a while to see the big, feathery flakes come down it quickly turned into a slushy blah. The weekend has mostly been spent on the sofa under a quilt. At least I got a trip to the gym in.

In non-mailbox news, I'm bored with all my clothing. I feel like I could reinvent my very bland wardrobe if it weren't for my giant feet, which make it hard for me to find shoes to pull an outfit together. It's not a problem that needs to be solved right away or anything, but I think I need to start looking for a cute pair of sandals and then maybe find some flirty little skirts I can wear with t-shirts, to get some sort of a new take on a summer wardrobe.

Also, I am getting travel-sickness like crazy. I want to go somewhere, take a big trip. Not going to happen anytime soon due to money, but perhaps I can start planning.

Oh, also. So, I'm bad at learning languages in a structured environment, but even worse at the few attempts I've made at studying on my own. I have a ton of Italian textbooks and collections of verbs and flashcards, and I'm wondering if now is the time to just have done with it all. It feels like letting go of something important, which is irrational, but true. They just take up space on my bookshelf at the moment. The university doesn't have an Italian department (they axed it years ago) and the only way I could take a class is through a tutor who does small groups and charges quite a lot for it. Bah. At least I'm not buying the textbooks anymore. I kept talking myself into them and using them for a few days before they went onto the bookshelf and started gathering dust.
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Title: In Two Straight Lines in Rain or Shine
Fandom: MCU/Firefly crossover
Characters: the Firefly crew, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanova
Rating: Gen/G
Disclaimer: I own neither, alas, alack.
Summary: On a barren dustball known as Budapest, the Firefly crew pick up two new passengers

They smiled at the good and frowned at the bad and sometimes they were very sad )
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Title: The Clutch of Circumstance
Fandom: Avengers (movie)
Characters: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanova
Relationship: pre-relationship or gen, depending on how you want to read it
Rating: PG for language
Summary: Natasha makes an end, and a beginning.
Disclaimer: Not mine, or I'd have a more interesting weekend planned

my unconquerable soul )
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Title: Looking for You (Or Anyone Like You)
Rating: PG-13 for mild language and non-explicit sexual situations
Pairing: Clint/Natasha (with mention of Jane/Thor and Pepper/Bruce/Tony and potential Darcy/Steve sketched in very lightly in the background)
Characters: Natasha, Clint, Pepper, Darcy, Jane, Maria
Summary: Natasha isn't used to feeling infatuated. She's even less used to having other people notice it. A fluffy little story of girltalk, spies, and why Venice is for lovers

Hello my love It's getting cold on this island )


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