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Mar. 12th, 2013 11:12 pm
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I'm scared one of the cats is ill, I have money but not really because hahahah bills, my feet hurt, and I ate a lot of crappy food today and regret it because blurgh, except probably not enough to stop myself the next time I want something crappy.

I apparently watched The Last Unicorn at just the right age to do serious damage because I almost started sobbing today listening to a PODCAST of the Tolkien Professor discuss it in his fantasy literature class. That's like, third-hand emotional trauma. (Although to be honest that's probably hormones talking. Mostly.) I have a DVD of the movie because my sister likes to torment me, and I could show it to Bemo because he's never seen it, but then he'd have to watch me cry helplessly from the second the movie started till the last credit rolled.

The next book the podcast was discussing was Sabriel so I have a good excuse to reread it, especially since I'm sort-of rereading one of the Travis McGees I don't really like and don't know why I decided to reread. And I'm also reading Caesar's Women for the umpty-millionth time, but it's been a while since Sabriel, so.

Also I have a bunch of the Oz books on my Kindle to reread.

Bemo's back hurts and he's in part-time PT because of it. Oh goody, more bills. If he winds up needing an MRI I'm going to scream. Of course it's not his fault, but that doesn't make me any less irritable about it.

This is all payback for me being happy that we only have three more car payments. By the time June rolls around I'll be too bugfuck to cope with the extra cash. Either that or the car will be hit by a meteor the day after I make the final payment.

Justified kicked ass tonight.

I don't know if random stream-of-consciousness really makes a journal entry.

I need quarters for laundry.

I need to clean the house.

I need to get to bed.

I need a gif that perfectly expresses my feelings. OH WAIT I DO

 photo PEGGY-IN-A-CIRCLE.gif
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Back on the East Coast, hanging with the family in the Virginia burbs. I have been mostly happy with these prospects, especially since Back Home has been getting hammered by blizzards, but although I love my mom very much, I also know how crazy she is, and feeling cheerful despite her rapid mood swings has been a little more difficult for me. That and the far-right-wing radio shows she marinated herself in - there's usually something blaring as background noise no matter what she's bustling around doing.

Also, as I've likely mentioned in the past, nobody likes the man she married (hell, she doesn't like him half the time), in large part to his yelly personality (got to hear him screaming, on the phone, from the basement, at multiple hapless drones about professionalism and customer service. It was precisely the opposite of fun.) and his ability to go from zero to TMI in a matter of seconds. Not gross TMI, but I don't need to know about his therapy for his angry inner child, you know? Frankly, I could have guessed at his existence, and I don't need details.

Also, have been fighting the usual worries I have about taking vacation time, because of course that's when they realize how incompetent/useless/disposable I am, right? At least my brain enjoys unrolling those scenarios. Honestly, while I love my therapist and have unloaded a lot of stuff on her recently, I don't think I'm getting any sort of handle on my anxiety, and I don't think I can afford to keep going. It's forty dollars a session, and that's just enough to make things pinch elsewhere.

But time spent with my sister is always great, and we got to enjoy a particularly awesome early Christmas present from her and her boyfriend - another trip to the Korean spa. So today we spent a lot of time soaking in hot tubs, paddling around to different parts of a pool with different massaging jets, immersing ourselves in the red clay ball room, dozing on a floor with radiant heat, eating good Korean food, fighting over a mango smoothie, and mostly just laying around. It was delightful, and I want to move in and never leave.

Also, we've been eating a lot. A LOT.
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So this has nothing to do with the rampant over-sharing I regularly do on here. In fact, this isn't really a problem, it's just a thing I'm thinking about in that vaguely-irritated-but-not-really sense.

So I buy old magazines, the 1960s and before. As you do. And I scan fun advertisements and share them on Flickr and post them to an LJ vintage ads group, and occasionally put them up on Tumblr, etc. As you do. I make no claims of copyright over them, because I don't have that right. And most people who see them and want to put them on a website do the polite thing and do the link back and yadda yadda. So it's annoying to see one of your own scans posted with a link back to somebody else's Flickr page, and follow that link to find a few other scans you did there in the same photostream (because they were kinda crappy scans to begin with and so easily identifiable) and then the other person has slapped a copyright symbol on them. Probably the default setting, but it gets on my nerves a little bit. Welcome to the internet, you must be new here, blah blah. Still ticked me off a tad.

So that's it, actually. A minor gripe about something that no doubt goes on all the time and this time I happened to see it. So thanks for listening, and have two Hostess ads, from 1928 and 1930.

No wonder tea guests are frankly amazed to hear that cakes like these are bought at a grocers )

Cake doesn't have to be homemade to be good, Mrs. Hale finds )
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My allergies have ganged up on me and presented me with a lovely sinus...thing. I'm disgusting my coworkers by snorting and coughing and sounding like an overloaded locomotive trying to make it up a hill, and frankly, I disgust myself. I may stay home for some or all of work tomorrow, just to lie in bed and slowly surround it with a hillock of tissue balls.

Trying to get things sorted for a trip to DC in August. Woot. DC in August sucks, but not all that much more than August here, so we'll cope.

We have a booking for massages on Friday. I am so looking forward to that, you have no idea.
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My birthday is tomorrow - looks like my gift from my mom is going to be a new tire. On Friday Bemo was dropping me off and a giant group of high school boys was trooping across campus and knocked over a normally-secured metal pylon. Cue loud yelps, clanging noises, and one big distraction, cue a slightly-too-hard curb check by Bemo, cue a flat tire showing up later that day and requiring a replacement. I am doing my best not to be really surly about yet another unexpected expense. I took out my irritation by cleaning the kitchen - at least all that energy can be harnessed for something worthwhile.

There's nothing that makes me realize how small the world has gotten than texting with my sister wile standing in the prep room unframing paintings, while she is on the other side of the world and about ready to go to bed. She's still on Mindanao, and aside from some mild annoyances with her classmates and some digestive issues and a sore throat, she's having a good time. She's prone to swollen tonsils, so fingers crossed that she shakes off the sore throat. She's already planted rice with a carabao, visited a shelter for young gang members trying to transition out of that life, and talked with a couple doing outreach through art.

Meanwhile, another friend is in Morocco and two coworkers are enjoying two weeks in Spain. I am in full-on travel yearning mode.

Also, continuing to love Legend of Korra, even if the dialogue was a little stilted this ep and I wish they had more time to spin out the story. Several characters are suffering a bit from the pace and the romantic strands of the story aren't being handled very well, but the action sequences are dynamite and I remain deeply in love with Lin Bei Fong.

Got a box in the mail from my mom. As usual, it includes things I wanted (a trashcan from Singapore that I had as a kid, featuring three flamingos, some Chiz Curls from a Filipino market because none of the markets here carry them), some things I didn't expect but were nice surprises (clothing from my sister - we've been swapping things) and some absolutely batshit stuff only my mom would think I want (a busted plastic knight's helmet, some clothing from mom that she knew I wouldn't fit into) and some things I wish she had not seen (A FAN LETTER TO RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON THAT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE READ BY ANY OTHER EYES). Oy.

Am currently watching some track and field events to get jazzed for the upcoming Olympics, which I unabashedly adore watching - not just track and field but a ton of events I otherwise do not follow at all. Am currently speculating that if I were a javelin thrower, I'd set up dummies and pretend to be attacking enemy troops. Meanwhile, a roast is filling the house with a very nice odor of steak and onions and potatoes, and I'm anticipating something delicious soon.
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So meeting with supervisor is tomorrow morning, so at least I can stop angsting like an idiot about it reasonably soon. But of course, it's still in front of me. This is all just my big old Imposter Syndrome thing, which stands behind me and mutters, "Now they've found out, you thought you could fool them but of course you couldn't." I picture it looking a little bit like Mother Gothel from Tangled crossed with an Alien face-hugger. I hate being so thin-skinned.

In other news, aikido went really well this week (treated myself to a new gi since the old one was blown out at the knee). Work has been productive too. After a momentary scare, I think we have found a way to cope with a dept collector who has trawled up something from over a decade ago and is trying to harass Bemo about it. There's also a potential job that's swum up onto the horizon for him. We are doing our best to remain staunchly neutral about the whole thing, because if he sends his heart over the fence and they lob it back at him, it'll set back all the good work he's doing with the therapist. (How's that for a weird metaphor? Basically he sits on the razor's edge of hope and the fear of hoping, the desire to reach out and start work again and the fear that once again he will be rejected, or be found unsuitable, or disdained. Zen mind, zen mind. It would be a good job for him, we thing - part time in a field he's experienced with.

Am getting increasingly incoherent so we can take that as a sign that the pill is working. Goodnight all.
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So, my comic book dorkiness never actually encompassed the majority of the Avengers in their solo works, let alone their group books. As a little kid, I read Batman, Superman, and Spiderman almost exclusively (with a smattering of Scrooge McDuck and other Disney comics), and mostly those were comics picked up on my family's many cross-country drives. And then, in the late eighties, I went through a big X-Men thing where I read a ton of stuff and bought a bunch of back issues (and holographic trading cards, god help me), with just a tiny sprinkling of Sandman in after a friend recommended them. (This era is why I have an unabashed love for Gambit/Rogue, Pryde/Wisdom, Polaris/Havoc, and Banshee/White Queen, by the way.)

My love for the Avengers, separately and together, has all come from the movies. Since I'm on Tumblr and following a bunch of more dedicated comic folk, I've gotten to see some backstory in panels people put up and comment on, but I'm ok with just knowing rough outlines. So really, how did I end up so excited about all these characters? Without that knowledge of the comics, was I coming into the story without the spearpoints that Jo Walton described, which can be so important to emotional impact in storytelling. I might not have enough forward momentum to bring me into the story on a level deeper than "ooh, 'splosions and funny!" But the movies (barring the various Hulks, which I didn't watch) have been so excellent in their own individual ways, and interconnected just carefully enough, that I fell in love with them in this particular medium, and came to this movie with as much excitement as if these had been my nine-year-old self's favorite comic book purchase at the Stucky's somewhere off a highway.

So, the movie )

The thing is, if you build up this kind of connective tissue, it makes all the big action setpieces resonate. It makes them live, it gets us invested. Otherwise they just turn into emptiness. There's probably nothing I like better than a really smart genre film, and this is a pretty good example of that. I ranted earlier in someone else's LJ about a condescending-as-fuck Slate reviewer talking about how clearly Joss Whedon's brand of humor had been brought to bear on this movie because it's the only way adults will excuse themselves for watching this sort of silly tripe meant for kiddies - if we couldn't say to ourselves, "But it's ironic!" than of course we'd stay away from the big pretty popcorn movie only meant for kids. Screw that. I've never been particularly attached to a nerd identity, but there's no better way to get me to fly into a pure, unholy nerd rage than people who think that if a story fits a "lesser" genre, the story automatically has no value.
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It's always lovely when the morning brings unexpected family drama, and it's even lovelier when you're the one who inadvertently triggers it. The Facebook "share" button can be a tricksy thing. Thankfully, it's mostly died down, but I suppose it's useful information to know that you're never too old to feel like a hurt little kid. Blast my father and his overwhelming cowardice anyhow.

In other news, I have a three-day weekend to look forward to, which is pretty awesome. And today we had tres leches cake to celebrate a birthday. And I got to see some proofs for an upcoming catalogue that I had some participation in, and it looks pretty darn cool. And my sister and I hashed out a food plan to start getting our respective crazypants eating under some sort of control. And I earned a little money by doing some ad hoc photo research for a London publishing house, very unexpectedly.

Since I had a bowl of the competition this afternoon, have an 1930 ad for Heinz spaghetti inna can.

Heinz cooked Spahhetti ad 1930
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The Halloween costume I had my heart set on, a "ghostly equestrienne" from an issue of Martha Stewart's Halloween issue a couple of years ago, is not going to happen, on account of it calling for about sixty bucks of taffeta to rough into a cape. I could go and buy a cheapie one from a Halloween store, but Bemo and I went and surveyed the terrain and yeah, I found ones that would work (for either that, or for my alternate, a Plague Doctor costume) but god. It's twenty bucks, but they're so horrible and cheap and they look like if you got too near an open flame they would melt and stick to your flesh. So, I don't know what I want to do now - find some way to salvage one of my two costumes, or just find something different.

In other news, a parcel I had given up for lost has been retrieved, and a tiny part of my faith in humanity restored. Lakerol red currant pastilles, hurrah.
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Bemo's father is in the hospital, about to go into heart surgery tomorrow or Monday. Any good thoughts in his direction would be appreciated. Bemo holding together ok but obviously apprehensive.

Play-reading group read Tom Stoppard's Arcadia yesterday, and I really, really liked it. Perhaps even better than Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Actually, scratch that, I definitely loved it more than R&G. It just really worked for me, and I want to see it performed.

Trying to put together my lecture for Monday, but things keep conspiring to stop me. Will have to bust my butt tomorrow.

Thanks to the air show in town today, there have been Blue Angels flying over fairly frequently. I wish I could go see them, but I didn't want to fight the crowds for the air show. I've seen the Thunderbirds before, but I don't think I've ever seen the Blue Angels.

Squash casserole in the oven; it smells delicious. Squash, sour cream, cracker crumbs, cheddar cheese, garlic salt, a little onion (just for flavor).

Had a crochety old lady moment today. Unfastening my bike from in front of a downtown coffeehouse, a very young (high school? College?) dude walking past hollered at me a couple of times in some sort of cheerleading way, and then stood in front of me with hand outstretched to receive a high-five. I was not dressed in any team gear and was plugged into my earbuds, and it took me a second to figure out what the hell he wanted. After a moment, I just said, in my best who-the-hell-are-you-and-why-do-you-speak-to-me tones, "Go away." He left, complaining about my lack of spirit, or something. I pedaled off, bemused.
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1. I did the first day of the first week of couch to five K on the treadmill at the gym today. Will be doing my best to keep going with it.

2. Resentful that my favorite coffee shop and cupcake supplier will be closing its doors in another month or so. Hopefully they will find a retailer for the cupcakes, as the baker intends to keep on working; still, they lost the lease on their cafe space near me, and I really liked hanging out there.

3. Speaking of, will have to go hole up in a coffee shop this weekend to polish up Paleolithic/Neolithic/Ancient Near East for my class on Monday.

4. Drove out with co-workers to the Homestead Monument about an hour away in Beatrice, NE. Really beautiful area, and an interesting and well-developed museum. The prairie area they keep maintained is one of the oldest around, apparently, and they do a decent job of integrating the Native American perspective into their exhibitions, instead of doing a thoughtless, "and then white people settled here, and it was tough but they were tough also, and they were our ancestors, yay America!"

5. Am plotting how to spend my $25 Amazon gift card. It'll have to wait until next month though, we're broke right now.


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