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It's scorching hot here (although at least it's not humid on top of it) and we have spend the day officially househunting. We've made stabs at it before but now we are more prepared (ok, prepared at all, because before we were daydreaming more than anything else).

None of the houses we saw will work, for various reasons. And our agent heard from a colleague of hers who has 15 clients searching for houses in the same ballpark price range. It's not a great time to be buying. On the other hand, we aren't in a rush, but it's annoying to think we may have to rush into a decision on a place simply because it's such a seller's market.

Two of the places were just too battered and broken for us - we can rehab to a certain extent but not to the extreme those would have needed. One was weirdly placed at the top of a hill - a ton of rickety stairs to walk up and the house itself was just oddly laid out. One was very cute, but sadly about the same size as our current tiny apartment but with even less storage space. And the final was a stunning beauty from 1915 with gorgeous woodwork but was sadly sagging in a few suspect locations.

Anyway, currently reading the sequel to The Rook. This one's called Stiletto, and I'm enjoying it just as much as I did the first. Also read Girl On The Train, which was pretty weaksauce.
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