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A friend of mine decided to head three hours out to a state park to have a hike with her trusty beagle companion, and asked if I'd come. (She's kind of my tour guide since I have an ass-stuck-to-sofa problem if not poked at.) The drive was a bit much to do in one day but it was absolutely beautiful out, and the area of Nebraska we were in was right by the Missouri River on the bluffs. Lots of forest, which is unusual for Nebraska but apparently the bluffs and river combine to make a bit of a microclimate that eastern deciduous trees don't mind. So we walked around in the trees, then went down to the river and bumbled happily along looking at Monarch butterflies. There were also an indignant family of about 15 wild turkeys, and Edith the beagle was very happy.

You know, I have problems when people ask me what I've been up to, because by and large my life is pretty repetitive. I really need to figure out how to do more stuff on a more regular basis.

And actually speaking of that, the Italy trip is looming. It's a little under a month away. I'm so excited! I do keep waffling about what I need to see and what I should pass - it's a really short trip and I can't possibly stuff it all in. For example, I really want to go see Donatello's Mary Magdalene but I don't know if squeezing in a trip to that particular museum - or the Bargello - should top just hanging out in Florence since we're only there a couple of days. (We're doing the Uffizi and the Vatican). Which churches in Rome to prioritize? Sooo many possibilities. Do we try and fit in Ostia Antica? I really want to drag everyone to a hill town, but which one? My sister's priorities are 1. Spectacular countryside views and 2. Not too much damn time on a train, and I haven't come up with what I think is the best solution. I'd love it to be Perugia and maybe should just settle on that.

Listen, I just have a lot of feelings, is all.
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