Jul. 18th, 2015


Jul. 18th, 2015 11:48 am
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Saw Ant-Man last night and really enjoyed it. It’s light, and funny, and full of people I liked hanging out with for a couple of hours. Less on the O WOE quotient, you know? Had the bad guy won, things would have potentially been bad, but it's not quite end of the world stuff. I kinda thing Marvel needs to pick up this sort of storytelling a lot more - less "the world is about to end right this second" and more "hey, this would be bad, let's stop it and be awesome character explorations along the way!" which could result in things like a Bourne-ish take on a Black Widow movie.

Paul Rudd is super appealing, I enjoyed Michael Douglas a ton, Evangeline Lilly is going to be great as *spoiler*. Plus, I liked Scott's scruffy crew, the ex-wife is not demonized (nor is the new man in her life, although he is justifiably suspicious for most of the movie), the little kid is cute and not syrupy, and the villain is serviceable (but doesn’t transcend the role). Overall. just a breezy delight. The shrinking/growing effects are super super super fun, and yes, Thomas the Tank Engine was pretty damn funny.

Oh, and on a purely shallow level, Paul Rudd can get it.

Honestly, I walked out of Age of Ultron wondering if the MCU magic was finally over for me. I’ve enjoyed even the ones that are less lauded, because there are always moments I love in them, but even though there were bits I liked in it, Ultron was mostly lurching and loud and I never went back to it and it’s been disappearing out of my brain steadily. I had a lot more fun at Ant-Man.


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