Jun. 21st, 2015

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It's fun planning the two weeks my sister and her husband and I are going to spend in Italy in October. But my brain is weird - although I'm still in the happy anticipations stage of things, I opened up the spreadsheet of days and put in the date and time of my return flight and immediately got sad that the trip was over even though it hasn't begun yet. Yeesh.

We'll have roughly two weeks, starting in Venice and moving down to Rome. Most of the places are new to her although not to me, but I've asked for an overnight in Bologna so I can see the terracotta Lamentation group and perhaps the anatomy theater. A friend came back from a long trip and used Bologna as her base and was really enthusiastic about it, and then I watched the BBC's Italy Unpacked show on it, and now a city I never really thought much about before has been put into the trip. It'll also make it easier to get to Ravenna, where we all plan to wallow in mosaics.

The hope was to spend some time in the countryside, but not renting a car is making that more difficult. So we're just hope for a day trip or two from Florence to help with that.

It's been 15 years since I was last in Italy and I'm really eager to go. I'm trying to recapture whatever paltry scraps of the language I had via Duolingo and an old textbook, but I've never been much of a linguist.


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