May. 2nd, 2015

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Just got back from the movie. For the first time, I was pretty spoiled going into it - I saw some stuff accidentally and at a certain point said "what the fuck" and stopped avoiding them, although I suppose I never actively sought anything out. I don't know if it made a difference, but I suspect not.


-Although I'm a pretty enthusiastic Clint/Natasha shipper, I did see a spark in the first movie (enough to write two fics on the topic) and so theoretically was willing to see what happened. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but I wasn't buying it now, for the most part. It was rushed, there was too much lampshading by the rest of the cast but not enough time with the two of them developing whatever was going to develop, and most of the time Bruce seemed to be backing away slowly from a hearts-in-her-eyes Natasha. The two of them have interesting potential but this was a wasted opportunity.

-I also don't object to Happily-Married Clint in theory (and I swear to god, they better not kill off his family for funsies in a later movie) and I loved parts of it - Natasha as auntie, Clint with happy kids. just didn't work. It feels like something that got shoehorned in because somebody got a bright idea to give Clint more story since he spent the first movie brainwashed.

-The whole movie was overstuffed. The action scenes weren't bad, and I love the idea that most of the endgame was about helping civilians escape, but it didn't have the cohesion that you need. I get that it's difficult - too many characters to juggle. But it worked so well in the first one that seeing this one lose its grip on all the multiple storylines was disappointing.

-I loved the Vision, even though I know zilch about him, comics-wise.

-Loved the twins, too, and I'm sorry to see Pietro get the obligatory Whedon death. I don't think one was called for.

-Overall, too much boom, not enough breathing room. I never felt that breathless happy sensation in my chest that makes me fall in love with a movie and want to come back and read and write and talk about it. I hope it hasn't made me uninterested in the characters, because I still love what went before, but it didn't spark anything new for me.


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